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Aplanty Lab

Our business ideation, incubation, and acceleration firm.

In a nutshell

Comprehensive business & entrepreneurship support.

Aplanty Lab Ltd. is our business ideation, incubation and acceleration firm for assisting plant businesses and influencers. We want to see them thrive, we develop and invest in them. ​​

Aplanty Lab is also leading, undertaking, and commissioning research and development work to make rare plant investing safer and more sustainable for the entire houseplant community.

Aplanty Lab

Houseplant Rarity Index™

The Houseplant Rarity Index™ is very important to us. It will be one of the central collaborative projects of our community.


To achieve our vision, we are committing £250,000 in funding in 2023. This amount will grow to £1,000,000 by 2024. ​

Plants.  People.  Prosperity.  Peace.  Positivity.
Aplanty Talents

Why do we invest in these entrepreneurs?

Because we share a vision of plants helping people and the planet prosper.

Our purpose is to help people create value from houseplants to impact society and the environment positively.

They are committed to bettering the world in their unique ways, to thrive, and to give back.

All great reasons for working together!

A Plant Prescription

Our Inaugural ‘Plantrepreneur-in-Residence’ offers a wide variety of common to rare houseplants, from baby plants to large specimens, at affordable prices.
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The Botanical Archive

Expert indoor plant styling for unique displays in homes and commercial spaces, bringing the jungle to anyone’s doorstep.
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Mick Mittermeier & 'Emflorescence'

Mick and Em will soon explore the native habitats of all those beautiful plants we’ve all grown to love, and to discover new ones.
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The one-stop shop for activists: discover, join and engage with the movements for change all in one encrypted, data-secure platform.
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